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This site is dedicated to the exploration of the ideal lifestyle for health and healing. This lifestyle was first made famous in the late 1880's by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (Cornflakes) - he called it "Biologic Living." Its eight major principles are listed on our Ideal Lifestyle Page for further details. We hope that you will benefit by the information you find here.



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A great many Americans suffer from illnesses brought on by environmental or lifestyle issues. When these root causes are addressed the symptoms take care of themselves. Do you have a debilitating illness? Is it getting worse? Click to find health practitioners that utilize Biologic Living principles. Their scientifically-based, natural therapies offer significant success in quickly arresting or reversing a wide range of diseases.

Information within this site is provided for educational purposes only. You should not use the information contained herein for diagnosing or treating a health problem without the advice of a medical professional.