FIR Sauna Vs. Toxins and Disease
Excerpt From the book, “Detoxify or Die” by Sherry A. Rogers:

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FIRS Cures the Most Mysterious Cases

The bottom line is that folks with the most severe forms of heart disease and resistant to all medications, tolerated the FIRS with no side effects. Most importantly, it improved their heart health in this Mayo Clinic study within 3 short weeks. Of course, it is recommended to continue longer, say a year of daily or every other day saunas for an hour or less to more completely lower stored chemicals that cause disease. Then it is necessary to do them at least once a week for life, since the world will never run out of ways to poison us.

It should not surprise you by now that mysterious joint pain in war veterans exposed to Agent Orange also disappeared, as did a host of other pain syndromes. Schnare of the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) also showed that not only did sauna reduce body levels of HCB (hexachlorobenzene) and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) in electrical workers, for example, but it did this even though the men were continually exposed at work.

This is important because it means that if your livelihood depends on an occupation with continual exposures, you still have a chance of being able to tolerate it more safely, as long as you are reducing the chemicals faster than you are tanking up on them. And let's face it. Most occupations have their specific toxins. Also this could allow tolerance of poorly tolerated implanted items that we would like to keep, like root canals and artificial joints.

Schnare also reviewed different types of workers, drug users, victims of accidental ingestions, and those poisoned by a variety of environmental chemicals; all recovered with sauna detoxification. Meanwhile, scientists from the Tokyo Medical and Dental University and others explained in further studies, once more how the FIR is superior to just plain old heat of regular saunas. There is no lack of data on this subject that has remained a secret cure for decades.

There are a few places that sell the far infrared sauna, but the only one I know of that makes them of poplar wood for chemically sensitive folks is High Tech Health of Boulder, Colorado (1-800-794-5355). You see, the terpenes of cedar smell great, but saunas were originally made from cedar because it was native to Sweden. And because Swedes often had their saunas outside as a separate building, they wanted them bug-proof and mold-proof, a necessity when perpetually creating steam by pouring water on the hot rocks. But for an in-home unit that has no steam coupled with the need to avoid terpenes, poplar is ideal. Furthermore, there are lower electromagnetic fields (EMF) generated in a FIR sauna than in a conventional electrically heated one. This is important because it reduces the chance of becoming EMF sensitive.

In addition, some saunas are a combination of far infrared along with regular sauna heaters. This is self-defeating for heart patients. They need just the far infrared, for they cannot tolerate any extra heat. Likewise for highly poisoned people, they do not need auxiliary heat forcing chemicals out of storage into the bloodstream to duplicate symptoms. They just need the far infrared technology to pull chemicals out of subcutaneous fat storage directly into the sweat. Furthermore, being the oldest of eight children from a poor family, I'm much like a mother hen. I needed a supplier with whom I could trust my precious patients and readers.

Do not let a lack of diagnostic label or "mysterious" illness keep you from getting the toxins out. That's when you need to do this the most. Do not wait too long, for the longer you do, the more you damage other parts of chemistry.

Sweating is a God-given mechanism, but it must be done properly and safely to be successful. The far infrared sauna is something that you will use for a lifetime. It is a major tool not only in your detox program, but also in your anti-aging program. Because it is a major expense, you might want to figure a way to put it in a garage, basement, game room, patio, lanai or porch to share it with neighbors, or have your church, physician, chiropractor, or organization buy one, for example. There are smaller units that could fit into a corner of a room. These units plug into a standard electric outlet.

At the end of this chapter you'll find a letter for your insurance company, for they could save untold dollars by covering the cost of a far infrared sauna that not only treats the whole family, but treats the family forever. And it can do what no medication can do, reverse disease. Clearly the evidence bears out the facts: FIRS will save untold lives and dollars.

Solar waves or energy

Gamma, shortest rays, most destructive to life

X-rays = penetrate tissues, carcinogenic,

Ultraviolet = sunburn, corneal and lens damage

Visual wavelength

Infrared: contains at the lowest end of spectrum, far infrared (FIR); Far infrared = lowest = 1000-5.6 microns; the rays most vital to healing are 4-14 microns, also are the majority of sun energy or photons (safest and most beneficial) responsible for photosynthesis; lowers lactic acid, stimulates brain, kills organisms, penetrates tissues, stops swelling, improves lymphatic flow, attracts calcium to cell membranes; detoxifies by vibrating ionic bonds and reducing the size of water clusters; by creating a resonance dance between water and chemical molecules, it facilitates water in moving stored toxins out of the cell and into sweat.

Short wave radio waves

Broadcast radio wavelength

Far infrared (or FIR) saunas vs. dry

72 F. room temp

98.6 F. body temp

100.4 F. FIR body core temp at 140 F.

105.8 F. Jacuzzi

100-150 F. FIR sauna

160-220 F. dry & Finnish saunas

212 F. boiling water!

Centigrade-Fahrenheit Conversion Chart

Degrees Centigrade = 5/9 (Fahrenheit - 32)
Degrees Fahrenheit = 9/5 (Centigrade + 32)













































Where is Your Focus?

No matter what disease you look at, from the most seemingly innocent to the nastiest symptoms, environmental chemicals are at the base. Look at endometriosis. It is not a killer, you rarely hear about it, but it has a devastating effect on millions of women in the United States. It affects 15% of women in the reproductive age range and is increasing each year. It leads to extensive and expensive problems with infertility as well as loss of much productive work time, not to mention loss of personal time because of severe pain and/or abnormal bleeding.

Even worse, endometriosis often cripples women to the point of forcing them to have a hysterectomy in their early 20s, before they have had a chance to marry and have a family. Or they are put on drugs like Lupron, which is analogous to a chemical castration and may contribute to irreversible infertility, chemical sensitivity, or cancer later on.

Did you know that dioxins are one of many causes of endometriosis? Totally unavoidable in the 21st century lifestyle and diet, dioxins are even in everything from our foods and toilet paper to coffee filters, diapers, tampons, and much more (Birnbaum). Since they are persistent environmental poisons, they never leave the soil or water permanently, but cycle through rain, plants, animals, and into our food and bodies. The only way out is through sweat.

Remember the EPA study where 29% of folks had high levels of trichloroethylene in their exhaled breath? This can come from wearing a dry cleaned suit, and it out-gases from carpeting, cardboard and a multitude of other everyday sources. It is not exotic. It is in the water supply of many municipalities as an industrial contaminant. It can cause bizarre numbness and tingling, dizziness, inability to concentrate, headaches, depression and brain fog. And that's just in the brain. In terms of cancer, it has been associated with kidney cancer, liver cancer, Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma as well as cervical cancer, leukemia, and esophageal cancer (Wartenberg). And it can cause cardiac arrhythmia, endometriosis, and much more.

Clearly our most potent environments are in our homes, but we are not safe regardless of where we go. Most work environments add even more to the total daily body burden. And depending upon meteorologic conditions, cloud cover, wind velocity, temperature and other factors, outdoor air pollution definitely fluctuates causing increased death by heart attack (Janssen, Zanobetti, Laden, Wong).

In our outdoor as well as indoor air, we have the heavy metal, lead, as one of hundreds of contaminants that is rarely looked for. It causes devastating effects from lowering children's IQ (Schwartz 1994) to loss of hearing (Schwartz 1991). But if that were not enough, the level that causes brain damage in children is lower than 10 mcg/dl, which has been designated by "authorities" to be the cutoff point for diagnosing whether lead is a problem (Lanphear). Because this arbitrary cutoff has been inappropriately assigned, to too low a value, regular testing often will not pick up a lead level less than 10. The only way brain-damaging lead in the body can be found is with the same provocation test we used for mercury. But instead of asking for mercury to be analyzed in the urine, the doctor should order lead.

But where are the physicians who are doing lead and other heavy metal provocations for children whose IQ's do not match their parents'? I can't tell you the number of times I see children who are not half as smart as their parents, but no one is curious about why they are not. Where are the physicians who are looking for environmental triggers for hearing loss, endometriosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, disparate I.Q. or cancer? We have a true information warp. We're focused on drugs, surgery, organ transplants and genetic manipulation, when we should be focused on merely getting the causative chemicals out. Or as they say, GET THE LEAD OUT!

The bottom line is that sweat is the only proven method for getting the most damaging toxins out of the body. There are no drugs, no surgery, no chelation, nor other detoxification methods with before and after measurements proving that unwanted chemicals like PCBs and pesticides were eliminated. Regular saunas have a disadvantage of generally starting well above 160 F. degrees, and could be damaging to the eye lens and other delicate tissues. But far infrared technology is safe enough for elderly end-stage heart patients, because you do not even have to go above 100 F. degrees. It makes no sense to push the body to unphysiologic temperatures or to make someone who is already sick even more uncomfortable.

Let's face it. You and your doctor have been screwed into believing every symptom is a deficiency of some drug or surgery. You've been led to believe you have no control, when in truth you're the one who must take control.

The ailing heart for example, is the result of a lifetime of tanking up on heavy metals like cadmium, mercury, lead, aluminum, in addition to chemicals like the plasticizers, PCBs, volatile organic hydrocarbons, pesticides, dioxins, and more. The heart truly is a toxic target organ. No wonder it is the number one cause of death and disease. When there are only two causes for disease (diet and environment), it's imperative that we be able to reverse both of these. And we can!

Far infrared sauna technology is the only proven, most efficacious way of getting rid of stored environmental chemicals. Preferably start with an oil change to get rid of trans fatty acids, and restore missing fatty acids while correcting mineral deficiencies, like selenium, manganese, zinc and magnesium, to facilitate safer detoxification. The formula is really quite simple. The problem is it doesn't make any money for the drug industry that owns medicine. In fact the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA 287: 6 12-6 17, 2002) documented how over 87% of physicians who make up the panels of "experts" who determine the practice guidelines for medicine receive compensation from the drug industry. These are the guidelines that your doctors and insurance companies follow.

Meanwhile, the ball is in your court. For those who want to get well, let's go to the next chapter where you will learn how to orchestrate wellness.

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