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Dr.  Hans DiehlDr. Hans Diehl

An epidemiologist and heart researcher, Dr. Diehl holds a doctorate in Health Science with emphasis on Lifestyle Medicine, and a master's degree in Public Health Nutrition. He is the founder and director of the Lifestyle Medicine Institute in Loma Linda, California, author of the best-seller, To Your Health, and editor of Lifeline Health Letter. He is the originator and producer of the popular CHIP (Coronary Health Improvement Project) programs around the world. Dr. Diehl is a frequent guest on both radio and television.

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Dr. Vicki GriffinDr. Vicki Griffin

Dr. Griffin holds a PhD in nutrition counseling, and is a member of the American College of Nutrition. She has authored several books and videos including Mooooove Over Milk, Stress and Diet - Simple Solutions, and Food for Thought. She is a highly sought-after speaker on the subject of nutrition. Her book, MOOOOOVE OVER, MILK, is suggested reading for nutrition students at Cornell University.

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Dr. Bruce HydeDr. Bruce Hyde

He has served as Medical Director at the Battle Creek Lifestyle Health Center and NEWSTART Lifestyle Center at Weimar Institute. He graduated from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 1986 and served his residency in family practice at Florida Hospital. Dr. Hyde also served in the U.S. Air Force in emergency medicine. However, Lifestyle Medicine has been his specialty since 1990. Rather than simply treating symptoms, Dr. Hyde specializes in lifestyle medicine, which focuses on the cause and the reversal of the disease.

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J.H. Kellogg and Family

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg

Inventor of Corn Flakes, brilliant administrator, medical pioneer, enthusiastic speaker, influential author and publisher, skilled surgeon, zealous dress reformer, persuasive health educator, and prolific inventor — through his God-given talents contributed much to the Adventist church and to the world. And during the mid-1870s and '80s, through his strong leadership, the Battle Creek Sanitarium grew into a school for educating scores of nurses, physicians, and other health professionals.

A Few of Dr. Kellogg's Outstanding Achievements

1872-1943 Edited the Good Health Magazine, the oldest health journal in the wor!d.

1875 Graduated from Bellevue Medical College New York City.

1875 Began his work at the Battle Creek Sanitarium.

1876 Appointed Superintendent of the Battle Creek Sanitarium.

1876 Member of the Michigan State Board of Health - for sixteen years.

1880 Became Chief Surgeon for the Battle Creek Sanitarium.

1883 Organized Sanitarium Cooking School. Invented the vibrating chair, bar and other vibrating appliances.

1884 Organized the Battle Creek Sanitarium Nurses' Training School. Discovered the sinusoidal current.

1885 Began taking children into his home.

1889 Invented a number of surgical instruments.

1892 Invented the electric light bath.

1893 Made the first peanut butter. Organized the Haskell Home for Children. Opened and for a number of years conducted the first soup kitchens, laundry and free baths for the homeless in Chicago.

Invented the Universal Dynamometer for testing the strength of the muscles. Used in places such as the Battle Creek Sanitarium, West Point, and Annapolis.

1895 Founded the American Medical Missionary College.

1898 Founded the breakfast and health food industries of Battle Creek.

1902 Rebuilt the Sanitarium after it was completely destroyed by fire.

1906 Founded the Race Betterment Foundation.

1907 Organized the School of Home Economics.

1909 Organized the School of Physical Education.

1922 Organized the Three-Quarter Century Club.

1923 Founded the Battle Creek College.

1930 Founded and directed the Miami-Battle Creek Sanitarium.

Made seven trips abroad for study and research.
Performed over 22,500 major surgical operations.
Wrote over fifty medical and health books for both ths profession and the laity.
Wrote many scientific medical papers.
Reared and educated over forty children.(Mostly foster children.)

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Zane R. Kime, MD, MS

Since a photo and biography of Dr. Kime seems not to be available, we have included, instead, the descriptive information from the back of his book, Sunlight.

About the Book:

The most fervent and carefully detailed work on sunlight and health ever to appear in one volume, Sunlight will instantly be recognized as the definitive work on the subject. In sheer scope it will be difficult to match; very probably the first important book of its kind, it sums up the most vital knowledge on sunlight ever to be related to all aspects of health.

In his book, Dr. Kime reveals how sunlight, properly employed, can lower high blood pressure, lower high blood sugar, decrease total body cholesterol, strengthen a physical fitness program, increase the body's resistance to infection, and prevent some of the chronic degenerative diseases which commonly plague western civilization.

However, the author warns his readers, that before beginning a sunlight therapy program, they should acquire a thorough understanding of the conditions under which sunlight therapy may be considered beneficial or harmful as presented in his book.

What authorities say about the book:

"Dr. Kime's book, in my opinion, represents the biggest step forward to date in bringing together the scientific data and practical medical application of sunlight to human health...The scope of this book is spellbinding, and I strongly recommend it to everybody interested in living longer and enjoying better health."

- John Ott, ScD
Director of the Environmental Health and Light Institute (ret.)

"Sunlight is excellently written for general reading, and yet is in careful tune with the latest scientific literature in the field. I endorse this book as a correlative reading for anyone in an exercise program."

- Thomas K. Cureton, Jr, PhD.
Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois

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Evelyn KissingerEvelyn Kissinger

Evelyn Kissinger is a registered dietitian who has presented wellness programs, done consulting to health care centers, and given group nutrition therapy since 1982. She has nutritional counseling videos and is co-author to at least two health books.

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Dr. Aileen LudingtonDr. Aileen Ludington

A board-certified physician, is an internationally-known health educator and author. She spent seven years as medical advisor for the Westbrook Hospital television series. Her six books on health, co-authored with Hans Diehl, have been translated into several languages, and have sold more than half a million copies worldwide. In 1999, Dr. Ludington was chosen Woman of the Year by Loma Linda University's medical auxiliary. Before her retirement she served on the staff of Weimar Institute’s residential NEWSTART Lifestyle Center in Weimar, CA.

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Dr. Neil NedleyNeil Nedley, M.D.

He is a full-time practicing physician in Internal Medicine with emphasis in Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Critical Care, and Preventive Medicine. He did his undergraduate studies at Andrews University in Michigan, majoring in Biochemistry. He graduated from medical school in 1986 with a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree from Loma Linda University in California, ranking in the top 10 percent of his class.

He completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Kettering Medical Center and Wright State University in Ohio in 1989, and in the same year he became certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He is a member of the American Medical Association, American College of Physicians, and Alpha-Omega-Alpha Honor Medical Society, as well as a number of other health and medical associations. He is highly skilled in numerous cardiology, gastroenterology, and critical care procedures.

In 1989 he came to Ardmore, Oklahoma, because of the unique opportunity to practice both acute care Internal Medicine with an emphasis in critical care, and Lifestyle and Preventive Medicine with the Ardmore Institute of Health, who operates the Lifestyle Center of America, a live-in Preventive Medicine facility. Dr. Nedley served as Medical Director of the Ardmore Institute of Healdi and its associated lifestyle center through 1996. He served as Chairman of the Medicine Department at Mercy Memorial Hospital and Health Center, and President of the Medical Staff. He currently is a hospital board member at Mercy Memorial Health Center, a regional referral medical center for southern Oklahoma, and chairs the Medical Education and Medical Library Committees.

Dr. Nedley has lectured extensively in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Russia on nutrition, lifestyle, and health. He has held numerous nutrition seminars, cooking schools (with his wife, Erica), stress seminars, and stop smoking programs. He has produced a series of health educational videos on the topics in this book, some of which have run on national satellite television. He lives with his wife and three boys on a 90-acre ranch in Oklahoma and enjoys reading, running, tennis, gardening, classical music, and riding his tractor.

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James and Ellen White

Ellen G. White (1827-1915)

Mrs. White received an estimated 2000 divinely inspired visions and prophetic dreams during her 70 years of public ministry.

She had only a third grade education yet is the most translated female writer in the world and the most translated American author male or female. Though she had no scholastic training, she wrote volumes on subjects she had never studied. In these voluminous writings she set forth principles and scientific facts that were unknown to the most learned men of her day but today are accepted as proven scientific facts. She has been described as being 50 to 100 years ahead of her time. Her writings included subjects such as: nutrition, lifestyle, stewardship, temperance, religion, social relationships, race issues, evangelism, prophecy, publishing, nature, psychology, and more. Ellen White was a very popular public speaker, not only in the United States, but in Europe and Australia as well. She was much in demand, not only at Adventist meetings, but also before non-Adventist audiences, where she was a much-sought-after lecturer on temperance.

At the time of her death:

• 24 of her books were in current circulation with two more ready for publication.
• 5000 articles for various publications had been written by her
• 200 different tracts and pamphlets of hers had been published
• 100,000 pages of total literary output.

About 50 compilations of her writings have been produced since her death.
She was a co-founder of numerous sanitariums, colleges, and publishing houses around the globe.

Ellen G. White is of particular interest as an author used on this website not only because of her many visions but because her writings are the basis for Dr. Kellogg’s Biologic Living principles.  By studying her writings - which are still in print - the reader will thoroughly understand Biologic Living.

Dr. Kellogg was quoted as saying that “There is not a single health principle that is advocated in these writings from Sister White, which I am not prepared to demonstrate conclusively from scientific evidence.”

In a conversation with a visiting physician, Dr. Kellogg said, “Do you know how it is that the Battle Creek Sanitarium is able to keep five years ahead of the medical profession? When a new thing is brought out in the medical world I know from my knowledge of Ellen White’s writings whether it belongs in our system or not. If it does, I instantly adopt it and advertise it while the rest of the doctors are slowly feeling their way. And when they finally adopt it I have five years start on them. On the other hand, when the medical profession is swept off their feet by some new fad, if it does not fit the light we have received, I simply do not touch it. When the doctors finally discover their mistake, they wonder how it came to be that I did not get caught.” (E. G. White Publications Document File 45.)

Click the following link to read statements of Dr. J. H. Kellogg regarding Ellen G. White and her work.

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