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Dr. Kellogg's Biologic Living Exhibit Title  

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg.  Click to see 800 more  Kellogg related images.

See our collection of over 1000 images related to Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, Battle Creek Sanitarium, and Biologic Living - collected as options for Dr. Kellogg's Road to Wellness Exhibit

Lifestyle Laboratory is creating a new attraction called "Dr. Kellogg's Road to Wellness Exhibit".  It's based on Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and his Biologic Living Principles (basically NEWSTART).

It's a unique health evangelism tool in the form of a traveling Dr. Kellogg museum and health science exhibit.  You can read the exhibit details below.


Read a brief Bio of Dr. John Harvey Kellogg




A Traveling Exhibit
Kellogg made Biologic Living world famous. We want to make it famous again and have it serve the public.  It will tour to science centers, museums, state fairs, resorts, tourist attractions, health facilities, universities and evangelistic campaigns, etc. The language can easily be changed when touring other countries.

It Will Point to Biologic Living Healthcare Providers

As well as teaching lifestyle principles, this interactive museum will point the interested viewer to relevant follow-up Biologic Living health providers, educators, and health programs.  The exhibit will be at each museum three to four months at a time.

Includes Modern Science Displays
An Orrery Display


Besides the Kellogg museum, the exhibit will include many interactive, scientific displays such as this Orrery that verify the restorative power of these health principles. 

The Orrery shows the health effects resulting from seasonal changes and our need for sunlight.


Sanitarium Artifacts
Still Needed

We wish to thank our benefactors for their many generous contributions of Sanitarium antiques donated so far. If you have Sanitarium antiques and would like to discuss the possibility of donating them to this exhibit, please contact us. You can see more of the types of artifacts we are gathering
on my “Kellogg Discovery Center Photos” page. That was my first Dr. Kellogg Design project. But Dr. Kellogg's Road to Wellness Exhibit will be exceedingly larger, health education based, higher quality, traveling, and much more interactive.

Eleanor Roosevelt standing by a mechanical horse at the Battle Creek Sanitarium

Go to www.healthexhibits.com to see the drawings for this Kellogg exhibit.

A Little Background of Biologic Living
Between 1876 and 1941 the Director of the Battle Creek Sanitarium, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (Corn Flakes fame), utilized a system of eight simple lifestyle concepts that were so effective in improving the health of his patients that the Sanitarium became the largest health resort in the world and was frequented by the rich and famous from all over the globe.

Kellogg coined the phrase "Biologic Living" to sum up the system of healthful living he spent his life promoting - a system that, generally speaking, reflected the influence of the health counsels of Ellen White (also a famous Battle Creek resident) as well as the era's most sensible health reformers. This system advocated obedience to natural law as a moral duty, necessary to physical and mental health.  Biologic living required total abstinence from alcohol, tea, coffee, tobacco, and animal flesh. It included a vegetarian diet, adequate rest and exercise, fresh air, healthful dress, and (in case of illness) simple, natural remedies.  He described the benefits of this back-to-nature lifestyle below:

"If followed, it means health, comfort, efficiency, and long life. It means good digestion, sound sleep, a clear head, a placid mind, contentment and joy to be alive. It is not an innovation. It is a return to the 'old paths' from which the perversions of our modern civilization have gradually diverted millions."

It is our conviction - and our experience - that those same health principles form the foundation for all true healing.

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg with bird on his shoulder.

Click on photo to read Dr. Kellogg's description of Biologic Living






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