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Drawing of "The Tomato Effect" display - distance shot
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Close-up drawing of "The Tomato Effect" - The Conservatory

BEWARE The Tomato Effect!

The tomato effect refers to the tendency for academic medicine to ignore or reject an effective remedy simply because it doesn’t line up with popular medical theories.

This tendency is called “the tomato effect” because it is reminiscent of America’s rejection of the tomato until 1820, because - being a member of the Nightshade family - it must be poison. This belief was maintained in America in spite of the fact that certain European countries had been eating tomatoes for years without harm. The evidence was in favor of the tomato, but the popular theory prevented acceptance of the abundant evidence.

The above sign is located inside the acrylic display case.

Interior View of Mouse Conservatory


The Sanitarium mice make their debut in one of the first displays that visitors will encounter. The mice illustrate the absurdity of the tomato effect by the absurd scenario of a killer tomato. The display case contains a miniature glass conservatory that has a “killer tomato” on display for all the mice to see. Their worst fears come true, however, when the tomato suddenly awakens and goes out of control.

Since getting people to read exhibit signs is a near impossible task, we have designed The Tomato Effect display to act as a three-dimensional illustration which will cause a desire in the visitor to read the attached information. The lesson is taught in a memorable, humorous, non-threatening manor.

It is our attempt in the entire sunlight exhibit to arm the public with the facts about UV - the flip side of the coin, so-to-speak.  Thus enabling the viewer to intelligently balance the fear-based reports about cancerous UV with the abundant evidence of the absolute essential need of sunlight for human health and healing.



Dr. Kellogg's Biologic Living Exhibit will
have many displays. This is just one of them.