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It's a Healing Lifestyle

This site is dedicated to the promotion of the ideal lifestyle that both prevents and cures disease like nothing else!  It's been known as "Biologic Living" for about 126 years now, and in whatever healthcare facility it's been used, the results have been amazing!

With No Drugs or Dangerous Side-Effects

Biologic Living therapy produces no negative side-effects, no drugs, no hocus pocus, no mysticism. Biologic Living health care providers avoid the use of drugs if at all reasonably possible.

Results are obtained through natural remedies and lifestyle changes. This often results in the decrease or elimination of the typical medications used for Chronic lifestyle diseases.

It Provides the Foundation for All True Healing

Biologic Living is a system of eight simple, rational, lifestyle concepts / remedies that never lose their effectiveness (unlike drugs and antibiotics). They provide the foundation for dealing with any health condition successfully. This system commends itself to the intellect and is based on sound, time-proven, divinely-inspired, health principles. The components of Biologic Living are incredibly effective especially when used in concert! Together they make up the ideal lifestyle, and that lifestyle is the healing remedy. Biologic Living addresses the cause of disease. It's the first step in true health care - not the last (as is usually the case). The stories of changed lives, deadly diseases reversed, and restored health are abundant.

The Eight Concepts of

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"Biologic Living" sums up the system of healthful living that, generally speaking, reflects the influence of the health counsels of Ellen White.  To help people stay well and prevent disease it teaches obedience to natural law as a moral duty, necessary to physical and mental health. Biologic living encompasses total abstinence from alcohol, tea, coffee, tobacco, and animal flesh. It includes a vegetarian diet - preferably vegan.  It advocates adequate rest and exercise, fresh air, healthful dress, and - in case of illness - simple, natural remedies.

But You May Need Help Implementing it

The concepts above sound so simple that many people just dismiss them as something they already know or can easily incorporate into their lives. My past experience as a patient and recruiter for one of these healthcare facilities has taught me just how dangerous and untrue such ideas really are.

Our culture, our habits, our appetites, our wills, our very nature all WAR against us! To change one's lifestyle is - to most of us - a monumental task! I discovered that most people would not consider going to a lifestyle center until they were absolutely desperate and close to death! - even when the evidence of it's effectiveness was abundant. That's how strong our lifestyle addictions are!

However, when these very sick patients - with many different diseases - finally went through a Biologic Living treatment center (which included aggressive natural therapies as well) most all of them - inevitably - lamented that they had not done this years ago. The results were astounding.

At the end of just two weeks almost all our patients (some severe cases required more time) would be in tears as they would recount the almost miraculous changes in their health and lives. They wanted to tell everybody about this amazing restorative lifestyle!

A Balanced Approach

That's what I'm doing now.

These lifestyle centers immerse you in this back-to-nature lifestyle as they thoroughly educate you into it. By the time the program is finished you will know how to intelligently carry it on in your lives back home. And, you will arrive home with a balanced approach, your immune system boosted, your circulation increased, and your health vastly improved!

These places enable you to finally do what your doctor has probably been advising you to do for years. If you want to know more about such healthcare facilities, for goodness sakes give me a call! I can help guide you to one that is best suited to your needs. Or, you can contact one of those Biologic Living Healthcare providers directly by clicking on the "Healthcare" button above to see a list.

Body Toxicity is Addressed As Well

Since chemical toxins have become such a prevalent part of our society, human health issues have become far more complicated. Biologic Living providers are finding that a proper diagnosis and treatment of disease can no longer be evaluated apart from the patient's environmental history. Detoxification therapy is becoming an essential part of their treatment regime.

I have included many articles on this topic. I place a special emphasis on detoxification because I saw incredible changes in peoples' live who went through the detox process at the Battle Creek Lifestyle Health Center when I worked there. We recommend the use of Infrared saunas as an excellent home detox agent. I'm convicted that sweating is one of the most effective detoxification paths the body has.

Our Feature Article:

If this is new to you I recommend that you first read Dr. Hyde's article entitled:

"The Ultimate Healing Remedy"!
By Dr. Bruce R. Hyde