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We are seeking Dr. Kellogg / Sanitarium artifacts for our up-coming, traveling museum.  It's an interactive, health attraction called "Dr. Kellogg's Biologic Living" (click for details).  The type of artifacts we are seeking can be seen in the photos below.  As an exhibit designer, I was part of the design, fabrication, and production team that put this first Dr. Kellogg museum together.  Now we need your donations for our "Dr. Kellogg Biologic Living" project.   Please contact us for more information or to discuss donations.  Thank you.

The Dr. John Harvey Kellogg Discovery Center - Battle Creek Michigan


Mechanical Horse





Take a ride on the Mechanical Horse (left) President Calvin Coolidge bought and used one of these while he was in the White House. These were also in use on the Titanic, as can be seen in the large photo on the wall behind the horse.


Test your strength on the Dynamometer, (right). Patented by Kellogg and used by West Point, YMCAs, Yale University, etc.













Mechanical Gym



Kellogg popularized the mechanical gym and sold equipment to ocean liners such as the Titanic, Olympic, and the Queen Mary. All had mechanical gyms similar to this one. All these artifacts have been fully restored and are completely operational at the push of a button.









Electrotherapy Display



Electrotherapy Display









Mechanical Massage Equipment



Mechanical massage equipment used and/or invented by Dr. Kellogg. Each is fully restored and operational.









Vibrating Chair



The Vibrating Chair; excellent for improving circulation and curing constipation. You can see a chair just like this in the mechanical gym on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. The Battle Creek Sanitarium had an entire department devoted to vibrotherapy.









Four Person Foot Vibrator



The Four Person Foot Vibrator. This does wonders for tired, aching feet. The vibration diverts blood to the affected body part and can thus also relieve congestion elsewhere by attracting it elsewhere.









Open Air Aerobics



Dr. Kellogg was the first to market recorded music and instructions for aerobic exercise. The records were published by Columbia records. The wall on the left shows the Sanitarium employees in their daily exercise. The two push-buttons on the wall allow the visitor to play clips of those recordings.


Antique Bicycle

This antique bicycle is just like the one Dr. Kellogg rode every day to the Sanitarium.








General Conference President Jan Paulson and John EverBlest



General Conference President Jan Paulson and myself at the Ellen White Exhibit.









Dr. Kellogg and Ellen G. White Displays



Dr. Kellogg and Ellen G. White Displays

Sanitarium History

Battle Creek Sanitarium History Wall.

Sanitarium Bath Attendants


Have your picture taken with Sanitarium Bath Attendants.












Sitz Bath

The Sitz Bath. Dr. Kellogg employed over 250 variations of hydrotherapy techniques. The Battle Creek Sanitarium had it's own hydrotherapy research department.

Sanitarium Nurse's Uniform


Sanitarium Nurse's Uniform

Horizontal Light Bed

This horizontal light bath is just one part of the exhibit on Phototherapy as used at the famous Battle Creek Sanitarium. One similar to this was used on the Titanic and by King Edward at Buckingham Palace in England.

Photo Therapy Dept.

This is part of the phototherapy collection: The main attraction is the sit-down light bath that Kellogg invented in 1891. It was popular all over the world. Thomas Edison owned the very same model as this one. It can still be seen at his estate in Ft. Myers, Florida.The collection also includes therapeutic infrared lamps, arc lamps, and Dr. Kellogg's famous white suit. Kellogg offered year-round artificial sun treatments at the Sanitarium as well.

Archeological Dig

Dig for Battle Creek Sanitarium Artifacts!

Health Food Wall

Display of the Adventist Impact on Early Health Foods. Did you know that Dr. Kellogg was the actual inventor of peanut butter, flaked cereals, margarine, and veggie-meats, etc.?

Surgical Suite

The Surgical Suite. This was an interactive exhibit where you could test how steady your hand is on the device below the window. Dr. Kellogg performed over 30,000 surgeries in his career.




NEWSTART, the Divine Health Plan.


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