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Good Shepherd Exhibit - Museum of the Living Word

Museum of the Living Word, Pittsburgh, PA: My job was to redecorate this "Good Shepherd" exhibit. The exhibit lacked life, warmth, and emotion. These elements were instilled into the scene by 1) resculpting his face so that his eyes were looking at the sheep, 2) making his features softer by resculpting, 3) replacing his hair, 4) Recoloring his skin a more natural tone, using paint and makeup, 5) recasting his hands (using my own hands as molds), 6) repositioning his arms, 7) Moving the lamb into a more intimate position, 8) Creating a softer wardrobe, 9) Fabricating a rolling base with natural colored grass and stones, 10) Replacing the hodgepodge of signs with one base-lit, acrylic, carved sign, 11) Adding a message repeater and lighting for the final effect.