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Since there is no “standard” protocol for infrared sauna usage, we have provided several different protocols used by different physicians that utilize infrared saunas in treating their patients. You and your physician must ultimately decide what’s best for you. The inclusion of these various protocols does not necessarily imply an endorsement of their individual medical or religious philosophies.

Dr. Sherry Rogers’ Sauna Detox Protocol

Dr. Rogers, M.D., Northeast Center for Environmental Medicine - internationally known expert in environmental medicine and author of many books including “Detoxify or Die”, and “Tired or Toxic?” She specializes in treating the cause of disease without the use of dangerous drugs. This excerpt provides just the very basics. Dr. Rogers’ entire detox recommendations can be found in her book “Detoxify or Die” from which this basic protocol was taken. Hers is the most comprehensive of all the protocols we’ve come across.

3docs.org Sauna Protocol
The 3DOCS.ORG web site is put together by physicians to help educate other physicians on alternative and complimentary medicine.

Dr. Larry Wilson’s Sauna Protocol
This is a pretty typical sauna protocol and it fits within the principles of a “true remedy”

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg’s Sauna Protocol
Dr. Kellogg not only invented Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, he was also the inventor of the world’s first electric infrared sauna (powered by 50 light bulbs). These saunas became famous the world over as one of the most effective medical therapies known. (We at Lifestyle Laboratory believe that this is still the case because of its utilization of one of the most basic healing principles - heat). Kellogg successfully treated many diseases on many thousands of patients with this “electric light bath cabinet”. Today’s infrared saunas are simply the modern version of his light bath cabinets. The therapeutic principles apply.

The protocol here is derived from the timeless principles laid out in his book “Light Therapeutics” (1910 and 1927). Keep in mind that the patient’s head was outside the sauna. See IR Sauna History on this web site. His protocol is very scientific and emphasizes the medical use of saunas to treat all sorts of health conditions. He believed the sauna’s chief value rested in its influence upon the circulation rather than detoxification. Therefore, his protocol de-emphasizes external sweating and focuses on what happens internally. However, upon reviewing the list of generally accepted benefits of sauna usage, it’s apparent that both may be accomplished at the same time. This protocol is, of course, ideal for those who actually use an electric light bath.