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It was Ellen White who first gave us a list of eight natural remedies that she called “the true remedies.” It’s where we get the acronym NEWSTART: each letter stands for one of those eight remedies: Nutrition (proper diet), Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air (fresh air), Rest, and Trust in God. Are there any other true remedies? How do you tell if the latest medical treatment or drug is a true remedy or not. The list below describes the characteristics of true remedies.

Characteristics of a True Remedy:


Treat the cause of disease (usually lifestyle and/or environment)


Assist the body in healing itself


Both prevent and reverse disease


Boost the immune system, not disable it.


Improve circulation


Work with nature not against it


Encompass mind, body, and spirit


Fit within God’s revealed health principles


Lead to God


Are not addictive


Do not cause dangerous side-effects


Are only enhanced when used in conjunction with other true remedies


Promote a balanced lifestyle


Are the first steps in health recovery - before drugs or surgery